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Kitchen appliances include blenders,hand blenders, stand mixers,multi-function stand mixers, hand mixer, food processors, juice extractors, citrus juicers, rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, slow cookers, deep fryers, toaster ovens kitchen centers, bread maker, grills, electric skillets, espresso makers, drip coffee makers, milk froth makers, kettles, egg boilers, toasters, sandwich maker, sets, microwave ovens and cookers

New product(Rice Cooker)

Different cooking programs like Soup,Rice,Steam,Stew,Yogurt,Porridge,Roasting,etc.
Super thick inner pot with handles.
3D heating.


Major living room appliances include TV, blue rays, home theaters, multi-media systems, music systems, sound bars, sound bases, bluetooth speakers, auto amplifier and radios

New product(TV)

Expand your experiences and enrich your life
Homeapp introduces an entirely new TV category, that is designed to go 'Beyond Smart TV'. The new products combine an easy-to-use personalized interface with the next generation of beautiful, high-quality picture, all within a modern, premium design.

Power: 95W
Smart function: InternetTV,DLNA,Wi-fi,Browser
HDMI input: 3(compatible 1 MHL)
SD slot: 1
USB input: 2(compatible 1 USB3.0)
Ethernet(LAN): 1
Built-in Bluetooth
You can personalize the home screen with your favorite apps and content. "my Home" makes it fast and easy to access whatever you want

Applications shown and application placement, may be different from the actual screen as it is customizable and which will differ by consumer.


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HomeApp B.V. is founded in Netherlands. The professional and experience management team worked in wholesale and international distribution business for more than 20 years.
HomeApp B.V. has its own Engineers team guaranty that the HomeApp households have an attractive design and specifications according to the highest international standards and the most advanced technology.
Our Quality Management System include the product final quality checking, also the control of the row materials and components, production process and packing of each batch. In addition, it goes even much further, with the supplier management assessment and the own company permanent review which guarantees continuous improvement.
Focused in the long term customer satisfaction, HomeApp B.V. sell products and comfort, necessities satisfaction and solutions. That is why help our clients to find the most suitable solution and products for their specific conditions and we continently provide multi services after sell.

HomeApp B.V. has a strong commitment with the planet environment protection; that is why all of our products have high energy efficiency and environment friendly production process.


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